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Scott Mann has been helping clients, across the country, to protect, take control of their financial futures, and provide a financial legacy for their families for over 25 years.

As Principal of Mann Financial Group, in Houston, Texas, it was a natural progression for him to take to the airwaves as a financial radio show host.In addition to holding a State Of Texas Life Insurance License, Scott has also received the following financial planning training, and completed, through the College for Financial Planning and Texas A&M University:

  • Certified Financial Planning I: Financial Planning and Insurance
  • Certified Financial Planning II: Investment Planning
  • Certified Financial Planning III: Income Tax Planning
  • Certified Financial Planning IV: Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits
  • Certified Financial Planning V: Estate Planning
  • Certified Financial Planning VI: Plan Presentation

One of Scott’s favorite clients said it best: “To me the prospect of retirement planning was like drinking out of a fire hose, but now, after meeting with Scott, I know that I know what my “certain”,  lifetime income numbers will be,  I can do a great deal of retirement and life planning.”  T.G.

Since, for most people, pensions have gone the way of the dinosaur, the stock market is now a scary and uncertain place, and using one’s 401k as a standalone vehicle for retirement income is looking like an abject failure, This process of “getting back to basics” is really replacing that which was the bedrock of your safe comfortable retirement, but was taken away from you:  The Company provided pension plan. Scott’s process essentially focuses on funding on your own self-controlled self-funded hybrid income, pension plan(s). This enables you to have control, flexibility, security of principal, and lifetime income.  Possibly  lifetime tax free income. Also, since, as in a company provided pension, real numbers are used, not hypothetical ones, after doing an actual retirement “life budget”, a better understanding of your financial needs and goals is the outcome of the process. Clearly, each individual’s needs, financial goals and objectives will vary depending on whether you are employed by a corporation/institution or self-employed, and what stage of life you are in.

With an emphasis, and a watchful eye on protection of principal and lifetime income/tax free income, Scott specializes in developing “life-budgets” to fund actual, tangible, lifetime income solutions in retirement/rising lifetime income in retirement/potential for tax free income, in retirement:

  • 401k rollovers: old plans/post retirement/ in service: post 59.5 rollovers: certain lifetime income
  • IRA transfers: funded for certain lifetime income in retirement
  • Tax free retirement income plans: funded with after tax monies, potential for tax free income
  • Pension plan rollovers: funded for certain lifetime income in retirement
  • TSA/403b rollovers with educators, hospital employees: certain lifetime income in retirement
  • Defined Benefit Plans: high net worth, self-employed individuals: super-fund retirement monies
  • Life insurance planning: for estate planning, or with the goal of tax free income in retirement


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