Have you answered the Nine Retirement Questions For Every Baby Boomer?

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Many “Baby Booming Retirement Savers” fail to reach their retirement income goals (run out of money in retirement or suffer a lower standard of living).

This is not because their “Financial Advisor” is trying to hurt them (even well intentioned, ivy league educated, fiduciaries will cause clients to fail) but because of three factors.

stock market prices

Advisor’s Investing Philosophy

Their retirement solution is always “put all of your savings into the stock market, Mr. Client, since the market always goes up, long term”.

money going down black hole

Advisor’s Compensation Model

Their compensation is not aligned with solving your four key factors (RTIP: Risk Tolerance, Time Horizon, Income Needs, Leveraging the Proper Tools, in the proper amounts). These Financial Advisors, frankly, are far too concerned about charging you 1-2% in fees on your assets every year.

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Being Your Own Hero

Playing economist, guessing the direction of the market. And usually getting it wrong and losing precious dollars.